“AIETI” Medical School is a branch of David Tvildiani Medical University. Its mission is to provide scientifically-oriented Higher Medical Education based on the best International experience. AIETI Medical School is the first non-governmental highest educational Medical Institution in Georgia established by Academician David Tvildiani and Dr. Dimitri Tvildiani in 1989. After developing Residency, Ph.D. and Doctorate programs and adding the Nursing School, AIETI Medical School has been upgraded by the National Authorization Council to the status of a University and from 2011 is named after its founder and the first rector as “David Tvildiani Medical University”. AIETI Medical School has been recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and listed in “World Directory of Medical Schools” in 1995. Shortly after that, its diploma has been verified and authorized by the Medical Examination Committees of the USA, different countries of Europe and Asia.

Currently, David Tvildiani Medical University and its “AIETI Medical School” are active members of:

Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE);

Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE);

ORPHEUS – Organization for Ph.D. Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in European System;

Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER);

Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS)

DAVID TVILDIANI, MD; Ph.D.; Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences; Honored Scientist of Georgia; Founder of Electro Cardiology in Georgia; Founder of the Scientific and Practical Center of Heliomagnetic Cardiology 1929-2010

Academician David Tvildiani – outstanding Georgian cardiologist, great educator, a consummate master of the medical art – was a bright representative of Georgian Medical Society, distinguishably combining in him personal greatness, perfect professionalism in the medical field and incomparable teaching talent, creating his era in Georgian Medicine. David Tvildiani initiated and founded a new direction in Medicine – Heliomagnetic Cardiology. He was first and permanent Rector of “AIETI” Medical School until the last days of his life.

DIMITRI TVILDIANI MD; Ph.D.; President of David Tvildiani Medical University; Founder of the Modern Diagnostic Centers in New York, USA (2000). Currently working in the USA, rendering patronage to the AIETI Medical School and promoting the placement of the School graduates.

LEVAN TVILDIANI, MD, Ph.D., Professor, Rector of David Tvildiani Medical University; Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of Heliomagnetic Cardiology.