Jiamusi Medical University

Location: Jiamusi University, the cradle of talents in the east pole of China, located in the earliest zone to welcome sunrise in China --Jiamusi city of Heilongjiang Province, which is also the best ecological environment charming city in China.

More about Jilin: The university was founded in 1947. On June 27th, 1995, approved by the former State Education Commission , Jiamusi Medical College, Jiamusi Engineering College, Jiamusi Normal College and the former Jiamusi University merged into Jiamusi University; After 2000, Jiamusi Grain Worker Secondary Specialized School, Fujin Normal School, Heilongjiang Polytechnic Schools have been incorporated.

Our Faculties: There are 4,564 teachers and staff (three affiliated hospitals are included), including 1,521 people with senior titles, five provincial distinguished teachers, two provincial excellent postgraduate tutor teams, two provincial science and technology innovation teams; shared academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Longjiang scholars and a number of distinguished professors and visiting professors; there are 22,451 full-time undergraduate students from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, 1,428 Doctor and Master degree graduate students, 801 students abroad, 11,910 continuing education students; the university’s fixed assets amount to 1,394 million yuan, of which 283 million yuan worth of teaching facilities, 2,553,000 collection books in the library.

Infrastructures: The school covers an area of 1965 acres (1, 310, 000 square meters), the construction area is 576,000 square meters. There are 25 colleges and 4 institutes, 82 research institutes (rooms). The discipline and professional settings cover literature, science, engineering, medicine, economics, education, law, history, management science, agriculture, art etc. totally eleven disciplines. There are two first-grade doctorate authorization level discipline , eleven first-grade master's degree authorization discipline, five second-grade master's degree authorization discipline, five professional master’s degree authorization stations, one post doctoral research station and three postdoctoral scientific research stations and seventy six undergraduate majors; there are three national characteristic specialties, eleven provincial key specialties, seven provincial key disciplines, three provincial key college laboratories, four provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and two provincial quality video publicity courses; one comprehensive reform pilot project of national level specialty and four provincial level specialties are approved; it has become the leader of China Higher Education Association Medical Education Specialty Committee of the comprehensive university medical education research groups; it joined the Sino-Russian Medical University League, the eastern and western curriculum alliance, the local university UOOC (University Open Online Course) alliance and the Chinese medical education MOOC League. The university sets up many research centers and training bases, including the wear resistance of metal materials and surface engineering technology research center of the Ministry of education, talent training base of rehabilitation medicine of Ministry of health , Russian study training base of the Ministry of education, Heilongjiang Province general medical practice training center, standardized residency training base of Heilongjiang hospitals, Sino-Russia Science & Technology Cooperation Center in Jiamus, the university enterprise cooperation on wear-resistant materials research and development center of Heilongjiang province, Sanjiang regional cultural research and academic exchanges base of Heilongjiang Province. There are three journals published at home and abroad in the university, name as Journal of social science of Jiamusi University,Journal of natural science of Jiamusi University and Journal of Heilongjiang medicine and science.

Aim: Jiamusi university adheres to the education principle “people-oriented, serve locally” , carries out the “Virtuous and hardworking, practice advocating” motto, and strives to build “unity and diligent, realistic and innovative "school spirit, “rigorous scholarship, teaching and educating people” teaching style and “motivation, diligence, sagaciousness, innovation” study style. The university is committed to cultivate talents with ideal faith, strong sense of social responsibility, solid professional foundation, high-quality and innovative spirits and practical abilities. The university adheres to the personnel training , vigorously implement the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, innovates talents training mode, adjusts the structure of discipline layout, implements general categories recruitment and training, third additional semesters, and through the creation of the principal innovation fund, carries out the extracurricular activities and other initiatives, takes the innovation and entrepreneurship into the whole process of personnel training, which enhanced students' comprehensive qualities and innovation, entrepreneurship, employment capacities.

Teaching: The university insists on giving priority to subjects’ construction, and harmoniously develops major subjects on university and faculties levels. The entire subjects’ construction level has been promoted gradually; moreover, the subjects’ integrated advantages have been displayed. Jiamusi University held the National programs of“973 Project ” and “863 Project”, the National Projects for Natural Science Fund, the National Projects for Social Science Fund and the National Science-Supporting Programs, and also multiple projects supported by Health Ministry, Education Ministry and State Ethnic Affairs Commission. The university has been awarded dozens of national patents in the research field of wear-resistant materials, medicine research and agricultural engineering research, and has further strengthened the ability to serve the social and economic development.

Hospitals: The university has three attached hospitals, one university hospital (Community Health Service Center); has the facilities of sports venues and modern music hall; achieves full coverage of wired and wireless campus network and campus cards; it has modern digital library, and through which millions of books in foreign language and literature data are carried on; It has Curriculum Center Platform, Immersion Classroom, taped classroom and it realized the full coverage of digital classroom . It provides a good and ubiquitous learning environment for scientific research of the majority of teachers and students.

Other Countries Students: The university has been adhering to the open model of running a university and has established friendly cooperation with 39 colleges and universities from 11 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States, Britain, South Korea and Japan. With the scholarship project for foreign students' study commissioned by the Chinese government, the university has enrolled more than 800 foreign students from 50 countries and regions.As the Chinese government entrusted institutions to the scholarship project of study abroad in China , the university received more than 50 countries students studying here.

Wheather: As clean weather makes sight afar, insisting can achieve accomplishment. Jiamusi University is implementing the basic task – honoring virtue , establishing character, sturdily cultivating and practicing the socialist values. It inherits the school motto: honoring virtue, sharpening study, worshiping practice, the university has been upholding the education guidance “stabilizing the scope, improving quality, striving for unique characteristics and meeting the needs of the local economy”; and it attaches great importance to teaching quality, subjects construction, talents cultivation and legal management, so as to improve the university’s construction to be high level comprehensive university , trying to make a more valuable contribution towards provincial higher education, and creating a local comprehensive teaching and research university, struggling to reach the first-class domestic institutions in Northeast Asia!

MAIN COURSE (contain 5 years +1 year Internship )
1st Year RMB US$ (Approx) IC (Rs.) (Approx)
Tuition fees 20,000 3066 1,95,327
Hostel Fees 4,000 612 38,989
Fooding 6000(Approx) 919 58,547
Health Insurance 600 91 5,798
Residential Permit 500 76 4,842
Physical Examination 350 (one time) 53 3,377
Registration Fees 400 61 3,887
Text book fee one time 3,800 582 37,078
Total 35,650 5,460 3,47,845
2nd, 3rd 4th & 5 year RMB US$ IC (Rs.)
Tuition fees 20,000 3,066 1,95,327
Hostel Fees 4,000 612 38,989
Fooding 6000(Approx) 919 58,547
Residential Permit 500 76 4,842
Registration Fees 400 61 3,887
Total 30,900 4,734 3,01,592
SUBTOTAL 30,900*4=1,23,600 4734*4=18,936 3,01,592*4=12,06368
Grand Total RMB US$ IC (Rs.)
  1,59,250 24,396 15,54,213