Medical education in RUSSIA is considered as a standard and most advanced one. It is one of the most sophisticated in the world and every institution is well equipped. Teaching methods are regulated and streamlined providing for an extensive development for students in chosen specialties. Russia also boasts of a healthy, safe and secure environment.

MBBS in Russia is gaining popularity among international students because the Russian Federation has a number of the best medical Universities in World. A fee for MBBS in Russia is very nominal and affordable as compared to other countries because it is subsidized by the Russian government.

Russian Medical Universities operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and are listed within the World Health Organization Directory of “World Medical Schools”. They are rated among the primary ten best medical universities of Russia with a high number of students from Bangalore and other foreign countries so giving the education to students across the globe. Thanks to their listing within the World Health Organization, students passing MBBS from Russian Universities are eligible for the MCI screening test in Bangalore. The degrees have been validated by” WHO” and” UNESCO “.

The Russian Federation is a signatory of the ‘Bologna Convention’ for Equivalence of Education. This means that your degree received in Russia has unquestionable recognition in all European nations and is equal in value to a degree received in any other nation of the European Union.

Unique Country

  • Great culture and history
  • World’s biggest in terms of territory country
  • Unsurpassed Russian hospitality
  • Country with 160 different ethnic groups and different cultures
  • Marvelous landscapes, mountains and great architecture
  • World’s most developed infrastructure

Poitical System

Federal Republic

Head of State

The President

Head of Government

The Prime Minister




17 098.242 thousand square kilometres


About 143.800 million people.

Official language



Christianity (Orthodox)

Monetary Unit